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Transformers: BotBots Greaser Gang 8-Figure pack review.

April 18, 2019


Today we’re looking at and reviewing this Transformers BotBots 8-figure pack by Hasbro. We’d like to thank Hasbro for sending us these awesome little guys to review.


Over the years the Transformers franchise has gone from strength to strength, spanning various cartoon series, Comics, Blockbuster movies and millions of toys. Being a huge transformers fan myself, I was over the moon when Hasbro announced these little guys back in 2018 to join the toy line.

 Straight off the bat, you’ll notice these are aimed at a younger audience rather than the more advance toys on the market. Hasbro has taken it’s first step into the world of collectible mini figures that the likes of Shopkins and Littlest Pet Shop has dominated over the years. Just like Shopkins, these little guys come in an array of different size figure packs. Unlike various other collectible figure packs on the market, these figure packs will contain the same team in each rather than random characters. If you are looking at getting additional characters, the smaller blind bag packs are the ones you will need to purchase.


So, what makes these little guys so different to other collectible figures on the market. Well, that’s easy. Over the last few years Hasbro has released various small Transformers blind bag figures based off existing characters such Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, however this time these characters are all BRAND-NEW designs that transform! I must admit; I was sceptical at first hear that these guys would transform as the engineer would have to be simple while not risking the integrity of the figure’s build leading to breaking. Somehow the design team at Hasbro has managed to pull off this feat with an incredible result. Of all the 8 figures from our pack, not one did we find too complex to transform while not breaking at all. The plastic materials used to create these seems like that of Shopkins, which is soft and very sturdy which kids will be able to play with over and over without the worry of breaking them.


The character designs are very clever, featuring each character transforming from every day objects such a Burger, TV, Joy Pad and even a roll of Toilet Paper – Yes you heard right! You’ll not find any Autobots or Decepticons here either.

Our BotBots 8 pack contains 7 figures and 1 mystery figure. As stated earlier though, if you buy the same looking 8 pack, you’ll get the exact same figures including the mystery figure as well. This pack features the GREASER GANG and some additional characters from other teams. First up we have “Shedder Jack” who transforms from a small Fries to Bot, then there’s his team mate “S’UP Dawg” who transforms from Corn Dog to Bot. Moving on we have “Waddlepop” who is a delightful looking penguin bot who transforms into an Ice Pop. “Fit Ness Monster” transforms into cyclops looking bot from a Fitness tracker watch, while “Major Lee Screwge” transforms from bot into a Screwdriver. “Point Dexter” is the bot for you if you need help writing, transforming from bot into an every day pencil. From the Bathroom and Toilet range we have “Poo Sham” who transforms from Bot to a bottle of Shampoo. Finally moving onto our mystery figure, we have “Game Over”, a cool looking bot who transforms into state-of-the-art Gaming Joy Pad.

Our son had a ton of fun with these, though I think I may have had a lot more actually taking them now and then and placing them with my transformers doing crazy things. Have you ever seen Megatron carrying French-Fries, No? Well look before and you will have now!


It’s hard not to recommend these to anyone, weather you’re a child or an adult as they have an incredible fun factor that keeps you playing with them. Hasbro seem to have really hit a home run with these as they are already looking at making more series, which can only be a good thing.






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