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L.O.L Surprise! Hair Goals Blind Box Figure Review

March 9, 2019

Today we’re looking and reviewing 1 of the brand-new L.O.L Surprise dolls from the Hair Goals series. We have 3 of these dolls to review, so we’re be looking at 1 today and the other 2 in separate reviews. If You are new to L.O.L Surprises, they are the latest craze that feature adorable little chibi anime style dolls that are hidden inside a surprise box or container that contains multiple layers to unwrap to get to all the while finding other smaller surprises along the way from stickers to clothing for your doll. Each box contains a random doll, so you’ll never know which you’re going to find.



Upon inspection, you’ll noticed that this L.O.L Surprise is quite a bit larger than the regular ones on the market. Rather than being in a round sphere, these dolls are found in canisters that resemble Hair Spray canisters. Each Canister contains 15 surprises including the doll itself. With these being larger L.O.L Surprises, they retail here in the UK from around £14.99 - £15.99 each.

Tearing away the first layer of wrapping around the surprise, we discover 2 small sticker sheets and 1 spyglass that features a rainbow patterned lens. These may appear to be quite small surprises but the more you open the better the surprises become.

Once the final layer of wrapping was removed, we are left with the blight pink plastic canister that features 2 translucent doors. The canister lid hides inside a blind bag and behind the doors we find the main doll wrapped in purple plastic layering, 4 blind bags and 2 hair curlers.

The blind bag found in the lid section of the cannister contained a small foot stand for the doll that could be place on the top of the lid or inside the main body of the cannister. We also found a carry chain that can be attached to the canister so you can carry your L.O.L anywhere with you. 




The next 4 blind bags contained the following items; 1 Dance outfit featuring a Cat face design, 2 little arm bands, 2 Shoes and 1 gold necklace for your doll to wear. Moving onto the hair curlers, which are actual hair curlers for you to use, we found a small comb for our L.O.L doll to use on their hair and a small water bottle for our L.O.L doll to drink from.




Finally, we came to open the main doll from their wrapping and to discover which one we have found. The body section of the wrapping is made from the same material as the clothing, so you could use it a more clothing to play with. The head is made of thin plastic moulded wrapping which can be thrown away. Once the head wrapping is removed, we are welcomed to an adorable little lilac coloured haired doll featuring freckles and hair buns. The hair is standard style doll hair that can be comb with the small comb we discovered earlier. The rear of the head does not feature hair which I found a little odd, but I’m sure children won’t find this an issue. Once our doll is clothed, she looks ready to dance!


Over all, we’re happy with this new range of L.O.L Dolls featuring real hair. The extra cost is justified by the extra surprises found and the larger packaging. These are sure to make great additions to any child’s collection and we cannot wait to open our next 2 and review them.






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