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Pokémon Sun & Moon Team Up Series Booster Box 3 review

March 4, 2019

Here we are again, opening and reviewing another Booster display of the New Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG Expansion series: TEAM UP. If you have read our first 2 reviews, then you’ll know how what sort of Pokémon we’re going to be looking for in today’s review.

PLEASE NOTE: We’re going to be opening 1 full booster display filled with 36 packets and reviewing what we get from them!

So once again, for those who may be new to our reviews and haven’t read our first 2 reviews on the series, here is a quick summary of the new game mechanics featured in TEAM UP! There are several Neq Tag Team GX Pokémon Cards within this set (made up of 2 Pokémon per card) which are incredibly strong and feature awesome new attacks to use in battle against your opponent. The key here though is to keep this TAG TEAM card from being knocked out as doing so will result in you handing over 3 of your Prize-Cards to them. So, all caught up – Lets move on to seeing what we get today.



There are many common and uncommon Pokémon cards through the set featuring Pokémon from various types such as Grass, Dark, Electric, Water and many more. There are also a number of new trainer cards found as well. Players are sure to have a lot of fun building and customising decks with these new cards from this set.

After opening all 36 packs, we came across quite a few Rare and GX card Rare’s we were missing. At this stage all 3 booster displays have had a very varied arrange of Rare and GX cards, not one featuring more than maybe 2 doubles, which is great for those collectors who purchase many booster boxes to complete the sets.


This time around we came across the following GX Cards; The very funny “Mr Mime GX”, the mighty powerful “Incineroar”, one of my favourite Alolan Pokémon “Lycaroc”. Our Rainbow Foil Pokémon this time around was the Adorable “Ampharos” which is a new Rainbow foil card for our collection. I absolutely love these cards as they feature the full card GX design, but in a Rainbow pattern which look amazing. One again, we did come out with another 36 Reverse-foil cards. We should note that each booster pack contains 1 reverse-foil card which can be anything from a common all the way up to a rare card, so make sure to check what you get. 




So, did we get a TAG TEAM card you ask, the answer is yes! We managed to open and find the very cool looking “Magikarp and Wailord GX” full art card. The art work on this is one of the funniest I’ve seen featuring “Magikarp”. This card features a staggering 300HP which should prove hard for your opponent to defeat. I’m looking forward to building a new Water theme deck around this duo.












Moving on, we came out with many excellent standard Rare cards, some of which are; “Nidoqueen”, “Charizard”, “Primeape” and “Mandibuzz”. Moving on to our Foil Rare cards, we came out with “Lugia”, “Absol”, “Zapdos”, “Zangoose” and more.

This really is an amazing new set of Pokémon that joins the ever growing TCG series. We’re going to be opening and reviewing the smaller 3 packs later so make sure to check back and see what we find from them.

Highly Recommended!




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