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Pokémon SUN & MOON Team Up Series Booster Box 2 review

February 23, 2019



As you may have guessed, we had such fun opening and reviewing a full booster display of the new Pokémon SUN & MOON TCG Expansion series: Team Up, we decided to do another opening and review – So once again get ready to see what the world of Pokémon holds in store for us today.

(We’re going to be opening 1 more full booster display filled with 36 packets and reviewing what we get from them!)

If you didn’t read out last review, then here’s a quick catch up on the new game mechanics featured in TEAM UP! There are several new tag team GX Cards in the set (made up of 2 Pokémon on one card) which are incredibly strong to use in battle against your opponent. The key is to keep this card from being destroyed otherwise you face handing over 3 of your Prize-Cards to them. So, all caught up – Lets move on to seeing what we get today.

Once again, opening our packs up we see that the series is filled with many common and uncommon Pokémon cards in the forms of Fire, Steel, Dark, Electric and basic. There’s some great Pokémon to be found within this set. I’ve had a lot of fun building new decks to featuring Fire and electric Pokémon. Zorua is slowly becoming one of my favourites so far. There is an excellent range of Pokémon to use in battle from the common and uncommon lists – So make sure you experiment and see what type of decks you can come up with.


Throughout opening all 36 packs, we came across what I believe to be a better selection of Rare’s and GX card Rare’s over our first booster display. To name some of the few rare Pokémon we came across; The mighty Fire type “Ninetales”, The adorable, yet creepy Physic Ghost Pokémon “Mimikyu”, both the regular and Alolan forms of “Muk” to the very cool Electric type Pokémon “Zebstrika” As we stated in the last review, the set is well balanced with such a great roster of Pokémon from various different types.

Again, in case you missed the first review - each booster pack contains 1 reverse-foil card which can be anything from a common all the way up to a rare card, so make sure to check what you get.



Ok, this is where the fun begins. Just as the rare cards seemed to be a much-improved selection over the last box, the GX Cards were also much improved. First up, we came across the evolved electric sheep type Pokémon “Ampharos GX”, This is one Pokémon I'm eager to try out in my electric deck. Next, we found Legendary Pokémon “Cobalion”. Digging further into the packs we came across the alternative “Incineroar GX” card found in the previous box. From here on, we managed to find our rainbow foil card in the form of Legendary Pokémon “Hoopa GX” which looks amazing! These Rainbow Foil cards look stunning!




Next, we found the super rare full art trainer card “Morgan”. We did manage to find another 2 TAG TEAM Cards as well. Now I’m not too sure, but it could be that every booster display contains 2 TAG TEAM cards somewhere within the packets. Our first TAG TEAM card was the SUPER RARE FULL ART Pokémon Card “Gengar & Mimikyu” and second was “Pikachu & Zekrom”. Both cards are incredibly powerful. My job now is to rebuild my Electric deck completely around Pikachu and Zekrom which I’m looking forward to.







Again, some more excellent Pokémon found, and 2 super rare full art cards and 1 rainbow foil card. Make sure to keep checking back as we have yet another box to open – Fingers cross we find another rainbow foil card and 2 more TAG TEAM cards. Check out our full gallery from this unboxing and let us know what Pokémon is your favourite?





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