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Pokémon Sun & Moon 'Team Up' Series Booster Box review

February 10, 2019

Today we are looking at the brand-new Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG Expansion series: TEAM UP! We’re going to be opening 1 full booster display filled with 36 packets and seeing what new Pokémon, Trainers and more await.

Now before we start showing what cards we have found through opening these 36 boosters, we need to inform you of the Brand-New Pokémon TAG-TEAM cards. This time around, the Pokémon Company are mixing things up by introducing new GX Pokémon cards featuring 2 Pokémon with unprecedented power! There are several TAG TEAM GX Cards in the set so make sure to look out for them. It’s not all plain-sailing though as you’ll need to have your wits about you in battle and protect your TAG-TEAM Pokémon at all cost, as if they get knocked out your opponent is going to celebrating by taking 3 Prize-Cards from you.



Upon opening our packs, we see that the series is filled this time with many common Pokémon cards in the form of Fire, Steel, Dark, Electric and basic. There’s some really great Pokémon to be found here deck building, I’m looking forward to building a new Fire deck with the new Charmander and Litten cards, while another great deck I’m going to experiment with will have Dark Pokémon Zorua letting me switch him for one of my Benched Pokémon while having a few Basic Pidgey’s in there allowing me to keep drawing a card with their ability. UNCOMMON Cards this time feature 2 of my favourite fighting type Pokémon “Hitmon Chan” and “Hitmon Lee”.



Moving on to the Rare’s we found from these 36 packs, we have some absolute classic Pokémon back in action such as “Blastoise”, “Charizard”, “Ninetails” to newer Pokémon such as the mighty dark Pokémon “Pangoro” and the awesome “Alolan Golem”. The set is well balanced with such a great roster of Pokémon. Trainer Cards feature new characters such as Evelyn and Sabrina’s Suggestion.




It’s also worth noting that each booster pack contains 1 Reverse Foil card which can be anything from a common to a rare


Now on to the specials we managed to find from this full box. First up we came across Legendary Pokémon “Hoopa GX”, Then our 4 packet we found “Incineroar GX”. A little further into opening the packs we came across Mr. Mime GX and the Gold Trainer card “Electro Charger”. We did manage to find 2 TAG TEAM Cards in the form of “Gengar & Mimikyu” and “Latios & Latias”. Both have incredibly powerful moves and I can’t wait to use the “Gengar & Mimikyu” card in my deck.


Finally, we did find an Ultra Rare Rainbow Foil TAG TEAM card “Latios & Latias” which will be going straight into our Ultra-Rare collection. Finding one of these Foil cards is extremely hard so if you do manage to come across one, keep it safe.


Overall, I really like where the Pokémon Company is taking the TCG with the new TAG TEAM GX cards. It’s a fresh new game mechanic which is a welcomed one for sure and I’m sure going forward we’ll be seeing a lot more of these style cards in future sets. Make sure to check out our full gallery from these unboxing.






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