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L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps + Bling Series Review

February 1, 2019

Today we’re looking at the LOL Surprise Dolls UNDERWRAPS blind box and the BRAND-NEW LOL Surprise Dolls Bling Series capsule blind box.



First up, we’re going to be looking at the Bling Series. Now if you’re not familiar with LOL Dolls, then where have you been for the last year or so? LOL Dolls are adorable little dolls with huge heads and Anime inspired eyes that come packaged in little blind boxes or capsules. Each doll comes with accessories and extra’s which you’ll find as you remove each layer of the packaging until you come to the end with the doll being revealed – A simple Idea yes and thus has become one of the biggest toys of this generation.



With the NEW Bling series, we are treated to collecting some older fan favourites from previous series, however this time they’ve been getting all sparkled up. As you removed the first layer of packaging, you are greeted with a fun code sheet, moving onto to the second layer our second surprise is a cute little sticker sheet. From here you remove the third layer to reveal the plastic capsule which holds a large wrapped parcel inside. Now, at this point you may be thinking that’s not all the surprises surely? Well it’s not in fact! Opening the wrapped surprise, reveals with more foil wrapped surprises inside in and a character sheet for which characters are in the series. From here you can pretty much open whichever bag first, there is no order.



Inside the blind bags we found an adorable little pink sparkly outfit which comprises of some pink glittery glasses, shoes, a pink and white top and a pink and black sparkly skirt – super cute! There is also the cute little drinking bottle which again features pink glitter to go with her outfit. You can fill the drinking bottle with water and let your LOL doll drink from it, then discover whether your LOL Doll will cry, spit, wee or changes colour.




I think the Bling Series is a super cute addition to the LOL Doll family and I look forward to collecting more of these adorable little dolls.


The Bling Series retails at around £11.00.






Next up with have the larger LOL Surprise Under Wraps blind box. So, like before and all other LOL Surprises, you start by peeling back the first layer of the packaging. With this being a larger LOL Surprise, we are treated to 15 surprises. Our first surprise is a very cool detective spy glass with a pink coloured lens – you may be wondering what this could be for? Moving onto the second layer we come across a cool little code sheet, which is where of course your spy glass comes in handy. Using the spy glass on the sheet with reveal a code related to the doll still to be found. As we progress to the third layer, we are greeted with a key code style card with 6 different codes on and we have come to the plastic capsule in which we can see our LOL doll encased and wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy.

Looking around the capsule we can see a set of different compartments that have 2 dial locks on. Here’s where our key card comes in handy. Using the key card and spy glass we can use the codes to open the compartments. Now there is no way of telling which code with for which compartment lock, so this can be a little time consuming repeatedly inputting the same code through trial and error to get the right one. One all the compartments are opened, and you have your surprises all out, it’s time to see which LOL doll we have and what accessories we have.





Pulling back the rubber Mummy wrapping from the LOL doll, we are greeted to an adorable little doll with blond hair. The Mummy wrapping can be re-used for further play as well.









One to opening the other surprises, we discover 1 Dummy, 2 little Red/Black shoes, 1 Red/Black skirt, 1 Red/Black Jacket and top, a cool little water bottle and the most adorable little backpack with angel wings on for our little LOL doll.










Once we have dressed our LOL doll, she looks awesome and very cool. The capsule also doubles as a display unit for your little LOL doo and with the added handle that we uncovered, can also be used as a small bag to carry her in. Overall this LOL Surprise is more expensive than the usual figures costing around £15.00, but for the extra fun trying to open your LOL doll, and the very cool display, carry unit I believe the cost is justified.



Out of the 2 different LOL Surprises we have looked at, I don’t think I can say either is better than the other as they are so different in terms of accessories and style. LOL dolls are going to be around for a while at this point and I can see many more of them entering our lives – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!






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