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Pokemon Lost Thunder - 3 Booster Display Packs & Booster Box

November 13, 2018

Today we are looking at 2 Pokemon Lost Thunder (3 Booster packs) and opening another full box of booster packets. First up we’ll look at both 3 packs and what we get inside. Each pack contains, 1 Pokémon Coin, 3 Booster packets and 1 Pokémon Promo card along with a code card for the online TCG game.



Straight on to opening the pack up, our Pokémon coin features a great looking design of legendary Pokémon “Ho-oh”, while our Promo card is none other than the mighty Alolan Exeggutor! Moving on to the packs, we have provided images below with what each pack contained. For the nature of the review, we will only disclose here what rare and reverse foil cards were in each packet. Packet 1 contained 1 reverse foil “Slugma” and 1 regular rare “Granbull” card. Packet 2 contained a reverse foil “Pachirisu” and 1 “Virizion” GX Foil card, while packet 3 contained a reverse foil “Snubbull” and a “Wigglytuff” regular rare card. Not a bad haul from 3 random packs, packaged together.



Moving on to our next 3 pack, we have the same “Ho-Oh” coin as before, but this time we’re given “Altaria” as our promo card. So what rare cards do we have this time from our 3 packets? First up in pack 1 is reverse foil “Heatran” while our rare card was legendary Pokémon “Suicune” as a foil card. Packet 2 contained reverse foil card “Tangela”, while again we are greeted with another foil rare card in the form of “White Kyurem”! On to our final pack we find reverse foil “Morelull” and keeping the best till last was a super rare full art card of Trainer “Judge”. These full art cards are just stunning and are not easy to come by. They can cost quite a bit to buy from collectors, so if you do happen to come across one, make sure to hang on to it.



Next, we opened all 36 packs of our full booster display. Now we have already done a full review of a booster display, so this time we will only note what GX Cards some rare cards we found from the 36 packs opened. We have included images below of all the rare cards and reverse foils. As follows here is what we obtained, “Magcargo” GX Card, “Genesect” GX Card, “Shuckle” GX Card, “Alolan Ninetails” GX Card, “Mimikyu” GX Card, “Suicune” GX Card, “Genesect” GX full art card and Rainbow Foil card “Blacephalon”. We also came across rare foil cards such as “Celebi”, “Xerneas” and “Life Forest”. To see what other rare cards we got from the booster display, please see the images below.



That’s another booster display down and one more to go, along with looking at the deluxe booster packs. Once again, Lost Thunder is looking to be an amazing set for the Pokémon TCG and we can’t wait to see what we find next time. If you’re looking for a jumping on point to start collecting, playing or both, then now is the time.




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