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Pokémon Trading Card Game: Lost Thunder - Full Booster Box Review

November 5, 2018


Today we’re opening a whole box of booster packets from the new Pokémon TCG Series: Lost Thunder. Each Pokémon booster display contains 36 packets with each pack containing 10 cards and 1 code card – That’s 360 Pokémon cards in total! The set just been released last week and we’re very excited to see what Pokémon are in this series. Unlike previous Pokémon TCG sets that collect 2 of the Japanese sets into one, this time Lost Thunder collects 3 Japanese sets boasting a whopping 236 cards to collect and use in play.



Straight away, the 2 most prominent Pokémon that stand out on the packaging are the Legendary Lugia and the new Electric Pokémon Zeraora. Both of these Pokémon will feature in the new Pokémon movie which hits selected Cinema’s later this month.



Each packet contains various levels of Pokémon, Items, Trainers cards, an Energy card and Online code card which contains a virtual set of cards to use online in battle. Some of the smaller Pokémon that make up with series are “Eevee”, “Snubbull”, “Jigglypuff” and “Houndour”, while some of the larger Pokémon featured are “Sceptile”, “Gardevoir”, “Onix” and the mighty “Tyranitar”! Legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beast’s also make an appearance in this set. Some of the more notable legendries are “Ho-Oh”, “Genesect” and “White Kyurem”. We’ve also come across 2 Ultra-Beast thus far which were “Poipole” and “Nihilego”




Trainer cards are also still present featuring new characters and items to use. Some of the new characters we have come across so far are “Whitney”, “Mina” and “Professor’s Elm’s Lecture”, while some of the new items come in the form of “Fairy Charm” cards which prevents all damage to the Pokémon the charm is attached to by your opponents GX and EX Pokemon

Throughout the entire Booster display we managed to obtain 3 Pokémon GX foil cards, 1 Rainbow Art Trainer card (Whitney) and 1 Rainbow Foil Pokémon card (Magcargo). We have a few more booster boxes to open, so here’s hoping we find Lugia and Zeraora in one of those.



We’re loving the new card series and look forward to opening more boxes and packs! Lost Thunder is currently available in stores now.




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