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Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie

November 3, 2018




Today we’re looking at what we consider to be one of the hottest toys this coming holiday season, The Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie interactive character, which is part of the Fur real Friends toy line. We’d like to thank Hasbro who sent us this guy from their HQ in a Galaxy far far away to review!





So first up, this guy is big, not just like Action Man big, but Giant size. If you have ever had a Furreal Friends figure like Star Lily or last year’s My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle, then you’ll know what sort of size we mean. If not, then prepare yourself to feel like you’ve adopted a real-life Wookie – Ok so maybe not that large. So, as you can see, the packaging for this guy really does indicate from the images how big this guy is, and like most Furreal Friends, we have a great looking window display box allowing for a demo play of Chewie.







Let’s address the claim on the front of the box. Over 100 sounds and Motion combos! Yep that’s right, Hasbro has pretty much made a real-life Chewbacca here cramming in what I can only imagine is the entire Wookie dialect. We’ve had this guy for just over a week and I can say that we have had none stop play with this guy and even now we’re getting sounds that I don’t recognize him saying before.  Yeah, it’s true that you may think that one or two Wookie words way mean pretty much every word in the English dictionary, but I’m starting to be able to tell the difference between one Wookie sound to another and there is a ton to be heard here.



Movement on chewie is a little limited, with all the articulation on toys these days he seems a little plain, but that’s for good reason. This guy is more than just an interactive character, he’s your child’s new best friend who will no doubt be taken everywhere with them on adventures and thrown around with epic battles to save the galaxy. Therefore, articulation is limited, as anything with joints all over are surly to break after some extreme play. Not Chewie though. He features the basic shoulders and hip joints allowing him to be posed roaring or sitting. His head can not turn due to the circuits and wiring running though his body which operate the facial movements. One of the features we love is that when Chewie lays down, his eyes close as well. This was something we overlooked initially and only noticed when little SETC had fallen asleep and we noticed Chewie laying on the floor in his room with his eyes closed – I know it’s a real basic feature, but it makes Chewie feel that much more real.



Getting Chewie to start talking is easy and playing is easy. He’s already set to demo mode straight out of the box, but in order to switch to full interactive mode we simply open his back and switch him to full mode. It look a little while longer on out initial try, due to the amount of fur that Chewie has all over his body and not being able to find the opening. Once you’re in full interactive mode, simply press his stomach under his belt and off he’ll go chatting away in Wookie lingo. The moment you see him start raising his arms while growling takes you right into feeling like you’re in one of the movies. The sound effects used here are crystal clear with no noticeable sound droppage through our entire time playing with him, and the movement in his arms and face a very fluid and natural. The electronics are a little loud, but this drawback is quickly forgotten about once you start playing with this guy. The fun doesn’t stop there though, Chewie responds to sound as well. I decided to try and talk and shout in Wookie first at him, each time he responded quickly. I then went on to trying my Wookie Dialect which again he responded back to – In the words of Darth Vader, Impressive, Most Impressive! Holding the button on Chewies stomach makes him scream an almighty Wookie battle roar, the likes that only Lando has been on the receiving end of in Empire Strikes back. Shaking Chewie or throwing him around also resulted in excellent vocal discussions coming from Chewie.



Now, when we first saw this guy being previewed at Toy Fair earlier this year, I had my reservations about how he may look. Prototypes which appear at Toy Fairs always look amazing and then the final product shows and it looks nowhere as great or detailed. This is the first time I can admit I was wrong thinking that would happen here. Chewie’s fur not only feels authentic and real, but he has pretty much ever shade of fur he’s meant to have, and no not the standard brown we’ve all seen on Chewbacca’s in the past. Hasbro have really worked hard to make this guy look as real as the character on the movies does. His belt feels a little out of place as it’s very basic on a truly amazing looking character figure.




Overall, I believe this guy will be flying of shelves very soon. He’s huge, fun to play with and cuddle and looks adorable, no matter what pose you have him in. Collectors are sure to snap this guy up as well to add to their collections. Here’s Hoping that Hasbro bring us next Furrel Friends Ewok later down the line. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



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