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My Little Pony Collectibles Book Review

October 26, 2018



My Little Pony, My Little Pony, Yep I can still hear pretty much each version of the theme song even after I have finished reading this book from front to back, and that is in no way a bad thing I can tell you!


Today we’re taking a look at the brand new “My Little Pony Collectibles” book released by Amberley and written by Ilona and Ossie from MLPmerch.com. Like most books that says “Collectibles” I was going into this review expecting page after page of each and every pony ever released from 1983 to present with maybe one line of text of each page, however what I found was some truly wonderful pieces of information regarding the franchise and beautifully presented images from some hard to find figures from over the years to ones I remember playing with from the original G1 toys way back from the 80s.


The introduction sums up this book straight away, this is NOT a database book! And in no way does it need to be. MLP Merch have a fantastic database web site that is there at a touch of a button up there in cyberspace for that kind of stuff. This is more of an accompanying book that brings you stories of how the franchise started, to looking at rare pieces through the 4 generations and more.



The perfect jumping on point for collectors:


If you’re a fan of the current show (Friendship is Magic) or a long standing fan, then you’ll no doubt already be used to terms we collectors use in the community such as “MIB” and “OOAK” Sit down with someone who’s just started collecting, say one of these phrases and be prepared to be faced with a look of confusion the likes that only Pinkie Pie would get. Luckily this book gives you some key terms of the trade and each term meaning – Trust me these terms will come in handy when you start visiting MLP Conventions. I found the section on being able to spot the cursed “Bootleg” figures very good. Let’s face it, Bootlegs are becoming more and more prominent in today’s market sadly, so reading these tips will keep you vigilant should you by chance come across them..


From Generation to Generation:


If you’re like me, you’ll remember that My Little Pony toys were bigger in size in the early 80s when they first appeared to what they appear like today. This book does a terrific job at taking us through the years and toy generations with images of some releases I never knew existed to others I remember quite fondly. For instance, I loved the original generation one cartoon series, however as child I had no idea that Hasbro had released the human character Megan with Sundance from the show, I’m not sure if we just never saw them released in the UK or they were just always sold out, back then we couldn’t search the internet lol! This is where the book shines ever more brightly, as they have chosen carefully what figures to show with great snippets of information about the figure. Moving on past G1 to G2, you’ll start to see a real change in character design which again I love the images provided here, though for some reason G2 ponies just look very odd to me. From there we move on covering G3 until we reach the current G4 figures from the show, sub shows and movie.


Current Generation:


 It’s easy to see a My Little Pony book today and just assume that everything inside is going to be from Friendship is Magic with an added sneak peek into the Generations before, but I can confirm that this book does a great job at given each Generation enough material and images. Our son loves My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, but to him there was nothing before Twilight Sparkle appeared in Ponyville. Seeing him read up on previous Generations last weekend and be amazed by how some of them appeared and how it started was great to see. It felt a little surreal that he was having a very nostalgic educated lesson in MLP history.



I don’t want to go into too much detail or any further for the chance I may spoil some of the book for you, but I can’t recommend this book enough! As I said earlier, this is a great jumping on point for someone who’s becoming a serious collector of the figure line. If you’re looking for a huge MLP database, then you won’t find it here, but for a handy MLP figure companion, this makes for a great read with stories and excellent glossy images.





We’d like to thank Amberley for sending us this book to review and to MLP Merch for making this book possible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!



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