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Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition Review

September 7, 2018


Today we’re looking at the new Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition. The game has just been released by Hasbro Games ahead of the upcoming holiday season. We’d like to thank Hasbro for sending us this copy of the game to review.


This is the 2nd Monopoly Gamer release, with the 1st being Monopoly Gamer: Super Mario – If you are interested in looking at that review, please click here.



First off, Hasbro and Nintendo have done wonders with the packaging for the game. The box is decorated beautifully with the characters from Mario Kart, Mario taking centre stage of course. The 4 different playable characters are seated in 4 little window displays towards the wide of the box. Included are the basic Mario Kart characters you would expect, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Each character features a corresponding colour kart to their outfit just as in the Video games. Other characters are available to purchase separate at various retailers to keep the game fresh – We’re currently looking to get Yoshi for little SETC. Also included are 1 Mario Kart Game board, 2 Dice, Property Cards, Power Cards, Character Cards, Mario Kart track cards, Banana Counters and Mario coins.



Getting started playing is like the previous Monopoly Gamer, each player places their character on the Go Tile, and is given 20 Mario Coins in the format of 3x 5 Coins and 5x 1 Coins. Each player then rolls both Dice and moves to the corresponding tile. Now this may sound like any regular Monopoly game, but here is where Gamer starts to differ. One of the dies has various symbols, ranging from coins, to the Spikey Turtle shell and more. These are moves that your character can use. Roll the coins, and you can obtain 3 Mario coins from the Bank resulting in getting the advantage to buy the property. Yes, when you land on a property it plays the same as regular Monopoly in the sense that you either purchase the property or it goes off to Auction for the other players to start the bidding war. Getting full sets of coloured properties results in bigger rewards from other players should they land on them while you’re tearing up the Mushroom Kingdom highway.



Watch out for that Banana – Unlike the previous Monopoly Gamer, we have the welcome change of Banana tokens. These are extremely useful to gain the upper hand in your race for victory. If you roll a 4 and Banana on the Dice, then you can place a Banana token on any of the 4 spaces in front of you and the current space you are on. Where these become useful is that if you are passing a property you already on, place the Banana on that Property space. The Banana then stops the next player in their tracks no matter what and results in that player having to carry out the action of that square. We often used this on each other in our playthroughs to gain extra rent from each other.



Playing to Win – Once a player passed the Go tile, the 1st Track card is turned over. Each Track Card states how many points it’s worth and how many coins are needed to roll the dice to try and win it. Each player takes a turn to roll the dice – whoever gets the highest score wins the Track card to add to their overall score. There are also 3 race positions listed on each Track Card, again whoever won the highest score gets the 1st place bonus, and each other player gets Silver, then Bronze. If there are more than 3 players, sadly whoever comes 4th and below won’t get a bonus here. Once the last Track Card has been won, the game is over. Each Player then counts their properties, track cards and coins and which ever player has the highest score wins the game.


I wasn’t too sure how Hasbro and Nintendo would work Mario Kart into the Monopoly Gamer series, but the result is just as much fun as its predecessor to play and little more competitive. We look forward to seeing what next Monopoly Gamer we see, but here’s hoping we get Super Smash Brothers! Highly Recommended and perfect for the family this Holiday season!


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