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Pokemon Celestial Storm TCG 3x Booster Pack Review

August 23, 2018


Today we are looking at our next Pokemon Celestial Storm 3 Booster pack. This 3 pack contains 3 booster packs from the TCG Series, 2 x Celestial Storm and 1 x Guardians Rising pack. We also get 1 Promo Card of Legendary Totem Pokemon, Tapu Koko and 1 Pokemon TCG game coin featuring legendary Pokemon Kyogre!






We also get an extra Pokemon TCG Online code card which can be used for online battling.

Straight on to opening Booster Pack 1, our first Rare Card is the Legendary Pokemon “Deoxys” featuring the Reflect and Psychic Corkscrew attack. This Rare was a standard Non-Shiny card. Our Reverse Foil card was Oricorio which is an Uncommon card from the series.





Moving on to pack 2 which was the “Guardians Rising” pack, our luck at getting a Foil Rare Pokemon wasn’t any better than the last pack. This time around our rare card was “Vanilluxe” featuring attack moves, Hail and Frozen Breath, while our reverse Foil card was one of my favourite Pokemon “Pangoro” which is also a Rare. Pangoro features attack moves “Sky Uppercut” and the all-powerful “Magnum Punch”.



Finally, onto pack 3, things here really picked up in terms of Rare’s we found. Our Reverse Foil card was “Lunatone” which was a Rare card and one of the very cool looking new Pokemon from the Sun/Moon series. The move-set featured here is, “Sol Shade” and “Psychic”. Onto the next card which was not just a Rare or Foil Rare, but a Secret Full Art Card Rare. Oh yes, we had by chance managed to find one of these extremely hard cards to find. The card was of Pokemon Trainer “Apricorn Maker”. The card features the same ability as the regular Apricorn Maker trainer card but features some fantastic looking anime art work of the character. The foil finish to the card is a lot different, covering the whole card from top to bottom and a ridged effect which makes it shine even more in light.


Just like the first 3 pack we opened in our last review, I continue to recommend these packs to anyone collecting the set. 





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