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Pokemon TCG Celestial Storm 3 Pack Review

August 16, 2018


Today we are looking at one of the 3 Booster Packs sets from Pokemon Celestial Storm. This 3 pack contains 3 booster packs from the TCG Series, 2 x Celestial Storm and 1 x Guardians Rising pack. We also get 1 Promo Card of Legendary Totem Pokemon, Tapu Lele and 1 Pokemon TCG game coin featuring legendary Pokemon Kyogre! Placing these promo cards like Tapu Lele into these 3 packs is a great idea as it no only gets the consumer to purchase more packs at once, but if you are only collecting the cards rather than playing, then these 3-packs make for a great jumping on point for starting your collection.




Upon opening the pack, we also get a Pokemon TCG Online code card which can be used for online battling. On to opening Booster 1 from these 3 pack, we straight away pulled the Legendary Pokemon Lunala which was of course a fantastic looking foil card. Maybe I should rewind a little here.




Each Pokemon Booster pack contains 10 x additional cards for your collection, 1 x Energy card and 1 x TCG online code card. Out of the 10 cards you get, 5 of them will be common, 3 of them Uncommon, 1 Rare and 1 Reverse Foil card which could be anything from Common to Rare, meaning 1 pack could contain 2 rare cards.




Anyway, we’ve shown a few cards in this review from the packs we have pulled so far. Our second package we managed to find the Ultra-Beast Pokemon “Kartana”! This Pokemon card is usually found as a standard foil card, however this was our reverse Foil card from the packet. On to our third and final packet we pulled Garbodor as our Rare card and our Reverse Foil card was the Pokemon Drampa which is also a Rare.



Overall if you are an existing Pokemon fan, chances are these sets will no doubt be already into your collection upon release date. However, if you are new to the game from playing the likes of Pokemon Go and are maybe just looking to collect the cards, these are a must have. Highly Recommended! 





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