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Lost Kitties Blind Box Toys Review

May 25, 2018



Today we’re looking at the Brand-New Lost Kitties blind boxes from the Littlest Pet Shop range of toys. We’d like to thank Hasbro for sending us these to review before their release date of June 1st.


So first up, you’ll notice that the LPS blind bags have gone, and replaced with awesome looking milk cartons featuring the logo, one of the main Kitties from the range and information on what’s inside. Once you pick up one of these blind boxes, you’ll straight away notice the weight of them as they are quite heavy. The Carton states that you get 1 Kittie, 2 Accessories and 1 Carton Pot inside – So what could the weight be from you ask? Let’s take a closer look inside.



Upon opening the Carton, you see instantly what the weight is from, as yes there is a Kittie and accessories inside, but not just inside the milk pot, but inside milk coloured Play-doh which is a great novelty and is sure to keep kids’ imagination at play with these. Digging into the Playdoh, we discovered 1 small plastic rocket accessory and 2 yellow coffee cups – Wait we manged to get 3 accessories in here not 2, but I’m in no way going to complain.

 The Kittie was all the way at the bottom of the milk pot hiding in a plastic bag. We couldn’t wait to see who we got so we ripped right into it. We found an adorable funny looking little purple kittie who was named “Mr Mush” OMG that name is awesome and really does fit the look of the character. We also got a sticker feature art from the range. I love the new look at Littlest Pet Shop has gone for with this range as it really does feel like a reboot to the long running toy range for a new generation of children.



 With Mr Mush being discovered, we delved right into opening pot 2 where we discovered a red spinning top accessory and small blue fish. Again, the kittie was at the bottom of the pot hiding under play-doh. Again, we ripped right into the bag eager to see who we discovered this time, which turned out to be a gorgeous little green cat with huge eye. Again, we instantly fell into love with this kittie.

Overall, we’re thrilled with the Lost Kittie blind box toy range from Hasbro and can not wait for them to start appearing in store very soon.


The Price for the single blind boxes are £4.99 which we feel is perfect for the pocket money range.





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