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Marvel Avengers Infinity War Action Figures Star Lord and Thor

April 25, 2018


The time has come, Thanos has arrived on earth with the Infinity Stones in his sights in the latest Blockbuster Movie in the Marvel Cinematic universe. So what better way than to get kids to carry on the epic action that only their imagination can conjure up, than with a new line of action figures. We at SETC love action figures, we love Avengers and most of all, Mrs SETC loves the Mighty Thor, so these figures were a must have. We’d like to say thanks to Hasbro for sending us these to review.




We were sent both Star Lord (Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy) and the Mighty Thor who seems to be sporting his new short hair and both eyes (Maybe a spoiler there?). Both figures come in gorgeous new Avengers Infinity War blister card packaging featuring the Mad Tyrant Thanos in the top left corner. Each figure comes complete with an Infinity Stone which can attach to the added weapon and work with the new Marvel Iron Man “Hero Vision” interactive mask (Sold Separately)



Once Little SETC had seen we’d been sent these, he could wait to get them open and start having an epic fight between Thor and Star lord. Straight away, you’ll notice that these figures do feature a limited amount of articulation. We have hips, elbow, Shoulders and a neck joint which some may say is very limited and kind of a step backwards from a lot of figures of the market, but lets not forget that these are basic style figures aimed at a much younger audience to be played with and therefore the limited articulation is a welcome step in the right direction in our opinion as figures with too much articulation tend to become loose over a short time and stop being played with. Also, we found these to be some of the most robust figures we have played with in recent years – After all I finally got to see Star Lord fly down stairs and not break or even scratch – Thumbs up on that front!




Each figure comes with 1 weapon, Thor featuring his new magical weapon from the movie (We won’t spoil the name of it) and Star Lord comes with a standard huge Space Blaster. Each of the Infinity Stones can be attached to each weapon, which if you have the interactive “Hero Vision” mask will work in conjunction for a truly epic experience.



Detailing on each figure is standard and is what you would expect from Hasbro Toys. They look like the characters from the film and paint colours used are excellent, I just wish we may have got another head for Star Lord without his Mask on. We did find by accident and the heads on the figures can be removed and changed, Little SETC decided that Thor would dress like Star Lord for a few days.


Overall, we are really thrilled with the figures and will be looking to get Spiderman from the series next and maybe Iron Man. If your child loves the Marvel Movies, these are a must. They are robust, sturdy, great looking and are affordable. Massive thumbs and highly recommended!






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