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My Little Pony Glitter & Glow Princess Celestia

March 16, 2018



Today we have been given the chance to take a look at the brand new My Little Pony Glitter and Glow Princess Celestia pony figure. This is a new style figure from the current My Little Pony movie toy line. We’d like to thank Hasbro for sending us this toy to review.





So first up, Princess Celestia features a gorgeous window box packaging found with other MLP Toys currently on the market. The box is vibrant blue with images of the Mane 6 ponies and others at the top and featuring the new MLP Movie logo. The clear window shows Celestia in all her royal beauty and has a small round hole with her cutie mark around, allowing for you to try out the glow ability with a simple press of a button.









Once out the box, you’ll notice that Celestia doesn’t feature many accessories. We are only really treated to her crown, tiara and pink brush. But really this figure doesn’t need many accessories to begin with so I’m quite happy Hasbro didn’t decide to add more unnecessary items resulting in the cost of the product being raised.




Moving on to the appearance of the figure. Celestia is stunning. The body size is larger than the regular brushable figures on the market and the sculpt used, is based off the new rebooted pony line. Her eyes are huge with some fabulous detailing and if you look closely, you’ll see that all over Celestia’s transparent body is a pattern of her cutie mark.



Now let’s talk about her hair and mane, Oh My Goodness they are amazing. Princess Celestia has always been one of the hardest pony characters to capture in toy form because of her multi-coloured mane and hair and never quite matching up to her animated counterpart. I’m happy to say that while this isn’t quite there, it’s the closest we’ve come across to capturing her mane and hair colour. Sure, they have all the right colours, but here they are a lot more vibrant than the more pastel shades from the animated show, and that is alright as they complement the clear body well.




Finally, we have the wings, which rather than being the same transparent colour as the body, Hasbro have taken the bold move to make them a gorgeous hot Pink with Gold glitter running through the plastic.





So, just how many different colours does Princess Celestia’s body omit. Well as the colors are totally random when you press her cutie mark, we have counted 4 different colors. We had Blue, Purple, Orange and Pink. Each colour is very bright and really does light up a lot of Celestia’s body area. Little SETC has loved playing with Celestia since we received her, and even said that she was the perfect size to use with the regular brushable figures with her being taller.


Thanks again to Hasbro for sending her to us to review, we’ve had a blast with her and hope to see other characters from My Little Pony appearing in this Glitter and Glow range. Highly Recommended!






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