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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Doll Review

March 2, 2018

Today we’re taking a look at the brand new My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash doll from the new doll range. We have been very eager to get our hands on one of these new dolls to review from the rebooted line, and we’d like to thank Hasbro for making this review possible by sending us this to review.



First up, you’ll noticed that the classic style purple box packing we’ve seen over the past few years has been replaced with a more stylish clear window packaging found with most 12” dolls on the market. The character art looks vibrant and stunning and really makes it pop! Hasbro has taken the bold move with the doll line by upscaling the rebooted series from their standard 9” size to the classic 12” size. This opens the range up a world of opportunities for different clothing styles for the Equestria Girls team, as all your current doll clothing will fit these, something that we cannot thank Hasbro enough for.


So after noticing the size of the doll, the next thing you’ll see is that the facial designs have been totally overhauled in appearance. Now when we first saw the preview images of the line, we weren’t too sure about the new look, however once you have them in hand you can’t help but fall in love with the new design. Gone have the more pony shaped style head sculpts and hello a more modern realistic head sculpts with gorgeous looking eyes, blushed cheeks and all round better looking design. Now Hasbro have kept the MLP ears which still work well, even with the new sculpt.



Next, moving on to the clothing. Dashie features her new outfit found in the new web mini-series. Her leggings are super vibrant with different colored stripes wrapping around. Her iconic blue jacket is attached to her Rainbow cloud T-shirt. As standard, Dashie features soft plastic shoes which are removable as well.





Dashie does feature the same articulation found on previous dolls, minus the knee joints. But this is just a small draw back that is quickly overshadow by all the new positives with the doll. We even found, as pictured that the doll is able to balance on one foot which I don’t think we’ve ever found with any other doll.


All in all, the new MLP Equestria Girls rebooted dolls have hit a home run and we are looking forward to more characters being released in future. Here’s hoping that Hasbro will release clothing packs alone the way to compliment with already excellent doll line. Massive thumbs up and highly recommended!






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