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Star Wars: Force Link Starter Set

January 17, 2018

Today we’re continuing taking at look at some of the hottest Star Wars toys on the market with the brand new Star Wars: Force Link Starter set which contains Kylo Ren. We’d like to thank Hasbro for sending us this to review.



Now as we said, this is the starter set for the new line of figures that interact and therefore the package contains 1 Kylo Ren figure with red lightsaber and cloak and 1 Force Link wrist band device which makes the magic happen. The packaging is nicely decorated with vibrant art work from the series, window display showing Kylo Ren and the new red font Star Wars logo from current to the Last Jedi movie.



Once opened we couldn’t wait to try out the Force Link wrist band. Before the wrist band can be used, 3x AAA batteries are required, so make sure you have some to hand. Once these have been installed you are set and ready to go. To activate your Force Link wrist band, simply tap to device. The device will light up with orange LED’s and make an activation noise to indicate it is working. From here on we can make the magic happen.









 With our Kylo Ren figure stood ready for combat with his trusty red lightsaber, we simply had to pick him up and straight away we heard him saying famous phrases from the movie – Little SETC was very confused by how this was happening whilst I tried the device out first as the figure had no batteries in him and he’s not connected by any wires to the device – We simply told him we were using the force. Similar to the larger Interactech Kylo Ren figure, the device response with different sound effect to how we play. While holding Kylo Ren and swing him from side to side we could hear lightsaber dual sound effects that lasted until we stop – I can see having a friend using another one of these Force Link wrist bands with Rey or Luke figure would result in some truly epic duals!



The wrist band doesn’t just stop at being able to be used with the figures from the series, as the packaging also shows that we can get larger aliens and even ships that all work with it – No other wrist band is required either to play with these figures. Other Star Wars figures that are not part of the Force Link toy line however will obviously not work, so make sure you check for the Special Force Link logo on packaging when looking for toys to use.




The wrist band was very comfortable for me to wear even being and adult and Little SETC had no issues either with having much smaller wrists as the Velcro strap adjusts to you size with ease.

After playing with Kylo Ren and our Force Link device for a while over Christmas, we are ready to start building our collection of figures to use. Highly recommended!

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