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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Interactech Action Figure Review

January 14, 2018



Today on SETC we are taking a look at the Brand-New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Interactech action figure, that was kindly sent to us by Hasbro to review.

You’ll notice that this figure is larger than your regular Star Wars figures, standing around 9” tall. Kylo Ren comes packaged in the new movie style open blister card packaging, allowing for demo mode to be used. This figure features of 60 sounds and phrases from the Knight of Ren, along with light up Lightsaber, and the icing on the cake is that he responds to how you actually use him in play which we were keen to try.

Once opened, Kylo Ren’s presence is shown is full glory. The detailing on this figure is excellent, from his Battle worn and Lightsaber, to his impressive face sculpt that captures his appearance spot on. Articulation on this size figure is limited to his shoulders, Hips and neck, and while this may puzzle some with figures today having multiple points of articulation, Little SETC didn’t notice at all and enjoyed using giant Kylo Ren to crush his smaller 3” Rebel figures.



We immediately switched the figure from demo to normal mode and then the fun really began. Kylo Ren will start talking with a simple push of the button on his belt. The sound is crystal clear and not too loud being pulled directly from the films. The Lightsaber is also interactive and lights up as mentioned earlier. As show, we simply insert it into the right hand and clip the side of it into the arm as show. Once this has been done, we and swing our Kylo Ren about while hearing real Lightsaber sounds and seeing the vibrant red sith glow. This is something that Little SETC thought was Force Magic as these sounds never happened without Kylo holding his Lightsaber.



Now Kylo Ren can now have a full battle wearing his menacing Helmet, which when placed on his head, changes his regular voice to the deeper, more sinister voice. The one aspect of this toy which we all had a lot of fun with was when the figure falls, he screams Nooooooo! Just like every Jedi or Sith should when they fall to their doom. Over and over we dropped the figure onto a soft surface from different heights and every time we heard his scream and had us in fits of giggles.




Overall this figure is a blast to play with and we cannot recommend this enough. We look forward to more figures in this line to add more epic showdowns!




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