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Monopoly Gamer Review

October 24, 2017


This week on SETC we were given the opportunity to play the brand-new Monopoly Gamer featuring Nintendo Characters. We would like to give a big thanks to Hasbro for sending this to us to be reviewed and tested!




At first glance, the game seems very similar to regular editions of Monopoly. You have your money, or in this case Mario Coins, you have your game cards, you have your square game board which I have to say is beautifully decorated with art work from the hit Nintendo game, and you have your Monopoly play pieces with this time being Mario miniatures.


So, with all this, how does this game differ from the existing Monopoly games currently available?


The aim of Monopoly Gamer is to beat all the bosses on the board who you will face when passing go, all the while buying up property of the Mushroom Kingdom on your journey around the board and demanding your rent payments from your opponents should they land on your square. The way the game plays retains the essence of Monopoly while bringing new rules to the table.



Boss Cards:

There’s a total of 8 Boss cards, each featuring a Koopa cousin and the final Boss being Bowser himself.

When a player passes go, they are given the opportunity to battle the Boss. Battling does cost, so be prepared to have the coins needed. Battles consist of rolling the die, should you get equal or above, then say goodbye to that dastardly foe forever! Roll lower and prepare to pass to the next player should they wish to try their luck and so on until someone either defeats the foe, or everyone passes and allows them to leave the game not being able to be battled again. It’s this simple new dynamic added to the game that gives it a breath of fresh air and left Little SETC playing this over and over with us this last week.




Each character figure has its own play card that list its special abilities. No, you can’t have Mario without Power-ups and special abilities.

To activate a characters Power-Up Boost ability, simply roll the die and try and match the ability on your character card. If you roll a different ability, then use that basic Power-Up Boost ability that’s displayed in the game rules. The game board also features 4 Super Star squares. Should you land on these, activate your characters Super Star ability. Little SETC using Donkey Kong landed on these Super Star squares over and over and with his character ability of taking 3 coins from each player when landing on them, we were all selling up properties just to pay him and feeling the mushroom kingdom slipping out of our hands.

While the game only features 4 different characters, Hasbro has already released a set of single figures with Power cards for sale. Each figure featuring unique abilities to those included here.




The one thing missing from the game are the Plastic Red and Green Houses.

Yes, that right, gone have these and in their place with have Deed Cards. They are pretty much the same, apart from that instead of buying 3 plastic houses on a square and then bulldozing them down to replace with a huge Red Plastic Hotel, we simply have One Deed card to represent the property. The Deed Card displays exactly how many coins a player must pay rent and should you be lucky enough to own the full colour set of properties, the higher rent cost. Bowser’s Castle being the highest property on the board was always a pain to land on. With the removal of buying 3 properties per square, this reduced the game time from the regular Monopoly games and meant that Little SETC enjoyed it more and kept interested longer.




Party Games:

Another Game mode we haven’t tried yet but love the sound of is Party Game Mode, where each player has 2 or 3 characters per team. Players can switch a character in their team for another on their turn and the aim of the game is to defeat the final boss. Again, this is another cool twist that has Little SETC wanting to build a team with new characters for sale separately.



Final Thoughts:

All in all, I do believe that this is the new generation Monopoly game for families to sit down and enjoy. It’s quick, fun to play, colourful and brings new element such as the Boss battles I never thought possible for Monopoly. Hasbro also releasing new characters to use, means that he game can be played again and again with new twists. This is certainly a family game for children of all ages and adults to play and with the Christmas holiday around the corner, this will be a game I can see being played all season and beyond. I hope Hasbro release more of the Monopoly Gamer, Playing other version of this like Sonic the Hedgehog and The Legend of Zelda would be amazing.






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