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New Wooden Toys Educational Videos for Babies, Toddlers and Preschool Children

December 30, 2016

We have introduced a new playlist on our YouTube channel especially for our youngest viewers. 

Having a young son we try many different activities which are fun and entertaining while still being educational. I have a love for wooden toys, especially the vintage toys I used to play with as a child myself so we introduced these to him a few years back and he loved them. I decided to try a section on my YouTube channel to entertain and educate some of our younger viewers. 

We have viewers of all ages ranging from preschoolers right up to young adults (and even older) 

This special wooden toys playlist is made specially for our youngest viewers.

Our first video features the Paw Patrol team. 


I hope you enjoy this fantastic new addition to our catalog of videos, if you do don't forget to subscribe as we will be creating many more videos with wooden toys.
You can subscribe by clicking here.


We have lost all the members of the Paw Patrol team. We have 9 doors to open and we have to guess which Paw Patrol pup is behind each door. On the first door we have a red barn and 4 pretty sunflowers, behind the number 1 door we find Tracker the Jungle pup. How many Tracker pups can you see on your screen? On door number 2 we have a blue lunch box with a cute bowl, fork and spoon, inside we find Rubble the construction pup. Can you count how many Rubble’s you can see? On door number 3 we have a huge present, inside we find Ryder the leader of the Paw Patrol. How many Ryder’s can you see? On the fourth door we have a cookie jar, can you count the cookies? Behind the door we find Everest the snow mountain pup. Next we move onto door number 5 which has an image of a garage, behind this door we find Rocky the Eco pup. On door number 6 we have an oven, can you guess who is behind the red oven door? That’s right we have Zuma the water rescue pup. Next we have door number 7, on this door we have a cute pup house behind the pup house door we find Marshall the fire rescue pup. On to door number 8, on here we have a bird cage and behind the door we find Skye the air rescue pup. On to our final door, number 9. On here we have a picture of a treasure chest, who could be behind this door? Of course, we find Chase the police and traffic cop dog. Did you guess correctly? Well done! 

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