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MLPEG Custom Gloriosa Daisy / Gaia Everfree

October 13, 2016

Today we show you how we made a custom My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Gloriosa Daisy as Gaia Everfree from the new MLPEG movie The Legend Of Everfree. 



All you will need to make your own custom Gloriosa Daisy Gaia Everfree Equestria Girls Minis Doll is:
Twilight Sparkle MLPEG Minis Doll
Sunset Shimmer Minis skirt
Air Drying Clay
Acrylic Paint in assorted colors
Paint Brushes
Small leaf beads/charms



First of all we took our Twilight Sparkle minis doll from the school dance set and removed the front section of her hair. To make Gloriosa's hair we used air drying clay to mold into waves and smoothed and shaped her a whole new front section. Then we left it overnight to completely dry.

While waiting for the clay to dry we started painting the body of the doll (you can see all the colors we used in the tutorial video above)

Gloriosa Daisy's skirt section is made from the skirt from a Sunset Shimmer mini figure and cut to the shape and style as seen, this was also painted to match the top section of the body. 
We had to improvise with Gaia's shoes as our Twilight figure was already wearing boots, so we painted them green and brown which we feel was what Gaia Everfree would be wearing if she had boots rather than shoes. 
The fine detailing and face took quite some time to paint, we were unsure whether to make the mask out of clay or paint it on but we decided on the latter for simplicity. As a final touch we used some tiny leaf beads which we found in a local craft store, painted them and attached them to her outfit. We also make her branch headband out of oven baked polymer clay and inserted small green glass beads for the small leaf detail, we then painted the baked clay brown and glued into place.


What do you think of our latest custom? Who would you like to see us create next?

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